Your Role in Web Accessibility

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Depending on the nature of the issue, a web accessibility issue may need to be addressed by different members of the web team: developer, content creator, or designer. 


Developers create the systems for publishing web pages. These systems could be a server and file structure or a content management system. They may also set up the basic templates that will be used with each page.  

Some issues that developers might address include:

Content creators

Content creators write and publish web pages. The web accessibility issues that may be addressed by people in these roles are:


Designers create the visual appeal of the web pages, via both the CSS styling and the layout. Web accessibility issues that are typically impacted by designers are:

  • Color and contrast issues
  • Onfocus styling in CSS for keyboard navigation
  • Styling for link text (should be underlined and in a contrasting color)
  • Menu navigation behavior and styling

Evaluation tools

Many web accessibility evaluation tools include a way to look at the underlying code of the web page to show where the accessibility issue lies. See Evaluate a web page for accessibility for more information.


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