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Summary: Presentation slides are structured using layouts that are comprised of placeholder fields. Content in the placeholder fields is accessible to screen readers. Use layouts wherever possible, rather than text boxes you create manually, and make sure each of your slides has a unique title.

Presentation softwares

Not all presentation software is created equal. Some, such as Haiku Deck, Prezi and Adobe Spark (formerly Slate) do not have features adequate to create accessible presentations. Make sure that your presentation software allows you to:

  • use pre-defined slide layouts
  • add alternative text to images
  • rearrange and reorder content, so you can control the order in which a screen reader will read it

Accessible slide presentations

Accessible slide presentations are achieved through a combination of what you put on the slides, as well as how you use your slides during a live or recorded presentation. This Accessible Slide Presentations playlist gives tips on both visual design and performance.

This section demonstrates additional best practices to help you create accessible slides in Google Slides and in Microsoft PowerPoint.

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