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Summary: Consider that some users of your site need to click through every link and every "piece" of the site from the top of the page down before they get to the main content. Every image, all menu and sub-menu items, search box, and more. Skip-to allows a user to bypass that process.

When you add skip links to webpages, you’re providing an easy way for users to get to the content they want without out having to read or tab through repetitive content on a page.

Each webpage or web application screen should have at least one skip link that allows a user to skip over content that recurs on many pages of the site, for example the maroon bar, hero image or banner at the top of the web page. You should also include a skip link that allows the user to skip over recurring navigation links.

Traditionally, skip links were only made available to screenreader users. However, the current standards state that these links must be available to all users including users who use a visual display (like a monitor). 

Skip links may confuse users who don’t need them, for example users who navigate pages using a mouse. You can avoid confusing users by making the skip links available only when the user tabs through the content with a keyboard. 

For example, when you arrive at a page on the WebAIM website and hit the tab key, a “skip to main content” link appears, as shown here:

Go to WebAIM's skip nav page to see this skip link reveal in action (and to learn more).

SkipTo Plugin

An easy option for including skip links that provides nice in-page navigation is to use the SkipTo plug-in developed by PayPal. It is a Javascript library that you include on your page. SkipTo automatically provides links to all the headings and ARIA landmarks on your page and is available to all users once they hit the “tab” key when the page loads.

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