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Whether you're overwhelmed and stuck, need a quick nudge in the right direction, or are embarking on a complex project with big accessibility implications, a consultation with accessibility experts might be exactly what you need.

Computer Accommodations Program: 

We can talk by phone, meet with you one-on-one or talk with your team.

You may also submit a Digital Resource Accessibility Assessment request.  

Customized workshops

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is available for consultation on a variety of topics, including If disability, accommodations and inclusive design. You can complete the DRC outreach & training form to request customized training for your team.

Self-paced option

Free online modules that give you a strong foundation in skills you can use to improve your daily communications for activities like:

  • Writing emails
  • Creating documents and instructional materials
  • Making presentations

 The modules provides an overview of the techniques for clear and simple writing (an excellent resume builder!) as well as more in-depth information and assessments on the six core skills of accessible-usable communication:

  • Document structure and headings
  • Hyperlinks
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Color and contrast
  • Video captions and transcripts
  • Alt text

This program is free and open to any University of Minnesota instructor, staff or student--including YOU!

Developed by College of Liberal Arts LATIS as part of the Digital Literacy Project, in partnership with Academic Technology Support Services.


Though the goal of this site is not about accommodations, we know that you may find yourself here looking for specific help in that direction.  Accommodations like sign language interpretation and document conversion are available via the Disability Resource Center.

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