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This website seeks to empower University students, staff, faculty, and guests with information and strategies for creating to a more inclusive, accessible U of M community. Our focus is on digital environments, communication, and instructional materials. 

We believe that accessibility is everyone’s everyday responsibility, and that improvements we make to our digital communications benefit everyone, not just those living with disabilities. 

Join the movement: Start small, start now

Created through a grassroots collaboration of people from across the University, we tried to practice what we preach and make this site as accessible as possible, including making mistakes.

It's impossible to make everything accessible to 100% of the people 100% of the time. Please let us know if you find missing information, broken hyperlinks, or experience accessibility issues on this site.

We are working with the U of M Drupal Lite developer team to make sure this platform is as accessible as possible. Your feedback will fuel that progress.  

Thank you for exploring this site and for doing what you do toward a more Accessible U. 

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